dimecres, 4 de juny del 2008

Tiger simo

Jo sóc en Mohamed i visc a Roda de Ter, al carrer Anselm Clavé.Tinc 15 anys.
Estudio 4t d'ESO a l'institut MIQUEL MARTI I POL. Tinc un gat, que es diu TIGER. Sóc del Marroc. Tinc 3 cosins es diuen Hakim, Soufiane i Reda.
M'agrada jugar a futbol i nedar. També m'agrada escriure poesies en anglès, com aquesta que es diu "MY LOVER":
You're beautiful my lover, it's true.
Like the moon.
When I see you, I can't control myself.
You're beautiful my lover, it's true.
Like a flower.
When you look at me
My heart opens his door for your feelings.
You're beautiful my lover,it's true.
Like a lovely dream.
When you smile for me.
I lose my mind.
You're beautiful my lover, it's true.
Like a bird of legend.
When you fly around me in the night.
The sky and the stars go nice.
I love you, I love you.
When I go to sleep, I can't.
Why? what is the matter?
The matter is you.
I need some time to be alone.
Because I want to forget you,
but I can't.
I want to die.
Because of you and you're love.
We have to be careful.
Because love is a losing game.
You are everything that I want.
You are all my life.
Goodbye, Goodbye my lover.
Maybe some day we will meet.
And maybe talk and not just speak.
Goodbye, Goodbye my lover.